The Feeling Never Ends

‘The Feeling Never Ends’ single is released on 29.01.2021 Love. It’s such a powerful feeling and encompasses love in romantic relationships, love for family, friends, our children, and our pets. […]


“Passion” my single is released on 22.01.2021 “Passion” is defined as a “powerful or compelling emotion or feeling,” an “object of intense desire, ardent affection, or enthusiasm” (according to […]

My Heart Still Aches for You cover

My Heart Still Aches for You

Music inspired by strong sense of loss, and the gradual overcoming of feelings and emotions that brings. The track builds from a slow and gentle beginning into a crescendo with soaring strings, deep cellos and a driving rhythm.

How I Miss You single cover by Martin George Selwood

How I Miss You

This track was written for my dearly missed and beloved cat Blowfeld. If you listen carefully you can hear Blowfeld in the track, he had a very distinctive meow that […]

Modern Life single cover art by Martin George Selwood

Modern Life

‘Modern Life’ in an Instrumental chill-out track. Written around a really busy time in my life when music-making had to take a bit of a back seat. Everyone is so […]

No Rancho Fundo single cover produced by Martin George Selwood

No Rancho Fundo

New single released on 28.02.2020 Debut single for Luis Martelo – No Rancho Fundo. Arranged and Produced by Martin Selwood and featuring Gemma Coombs on vocals. No Rancho Fundo is […]