This is a piece of music composed as a tribute to Chris Huggett who passed away recently in October 2020. Thank you for creating the wonderful instruments, Chris. RIP.

Chris was a fantastic electronics engineer and synthesizer designer who founded and created some iconic instruments such as the EDP Wasp, and the OSCar synthesizers. He worked on the Akai S1000 series sampler operating system and later worked with Novation on the Bass Station, Bass Station II, K Station, Ultranova, Mininova, and Peak amongst others.

This track is composed entirely using a Novation Ultranova that was designed by Chris. Recorded in Cubase 10.5. Other than a few extra reverbs, delays, high pass filters, and a bit of compression, all sounds come from the Ultranova and include some factory presets and a couple of my own sounds.

Music written by Martin George Selwood (26th October 2020).

Novation Ultranova synthesizer: Martin George Selwood

Mixed: Martin George Selwood

Mastered: Martin George Selwood (27th October 2020)