‘Modern Life’ in an Instrumental chill-out track. Written around a really busy time in my life when music-making had to take a bit of a back seat.

Everyone is so frantic, rushing around. Trying to get from A to B, to and from work, or just trying to get through the week. Sometimes there is no time to chill out, relax and take stock of the important things in life.

Available on Bandcamp to listen or purchase. Available on all streaming platforms.

Modern Life single cover art by Martin George Selwood

Instruments used:

Audio Damage Phosphor, Seiko DS-250, Roland VP770, Casio CZ5000, Roland Jupiter 6, Fairlight Series III, Fairlight CMI IIx, Arp 2600FS, Roland TR8, NI Kontakt, SD2.0, UVI Energy, Robert Todd Radio Active VST. Vocals and VP770 Vocoder: Martin George Selwood


Music written by Martin George Selwood (2013).
Mixed: Martin George Selwood (2020)
Mastered: Martin George Selwood (2020)