‘Late Night Flight’ is released on 12.02.2021

Before COVID, and all the lockdowns, restrictions, and travel bans we could go anywhere and see anyone. Last-minute travel to get home to loved ones, see friends, spontaneously go somewhere or weekend breaks were all possible. If anything, this situation we all find ourselves in has refocussed our attention on what is most important in life. Our health, well-being, friends, family, and loved ones. Stay safe people, we will get through this.

‘Late Night Flight’ is released on 12.02.2021.

Instruments: Fairlight Series III, Roland JDXA, Korg TR Rack, Hohner Clavinet-Pianet Duo, Fender Rhodes, Arturia Mini V, Arturia CMI V, Arturia Solina, NI Session Horns Pro, Spitfire Kepler, Scarbee MM Bass, NI Percussion A Strikes, SD Avatar, NI Abbey Road 70’s Drums, NI Session Strings Pro 2, SD Avatar, SA Congas. Electric Guitar, Percussion: Shaker, Tambourine.


Music written and produced by Martin George Selwood
Vocals: Martin George Selwood
Mastered: Martin George Selwood (2021)
Cover Photo/Artwork:

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