Martin George Selwood

Martin George Selwood – composer, independent artist, and music producer from the UK

Epic and cinematic orchestral and electronic music incorporates many different styles. Music to take you on a journey and delve into the human spirit. In 2022, Martin composed music for several episodes of the comedy series Long Shots (available on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video).

With 12 albums, over 40+ singles released, and over 300,000+ streams on USA streaming service Pandora. His music has been played in more than 70 countries. Tarot Music Volume 1 is his latest release. An album of epic orchestral and electronic music based on the meanings and symbolism used in Tarot cards.

Judgement – music video

The Moon – music video
The Devil – music video

Wheel of Fortune – music video
The Fool – music video

A prolific writer, he has composed and recorded nearly nine hundred original pieces of music. These cover different styles, and genres from ambient electronic music to jazz, synth-wave, alternative dance, funk, experimental electronica as well as orchestral and cinematic, and epic cinematic style music.

Music inspired by electronic musicians such as Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Tangerine Dream as well as soundtrack music, ’70s disco, ’80s pop, jazz, Latin music, industrial, and heavy rock.

Over the years, Martin has recorded, produced, and arranged music for other artists. These include recording and producing an album for the heavy-metal band Voodoo Moon. Additional production and mixing of two albums by political rap collective Class Actions. In 2020 he was asked to arrange and produce ‘Uber Time’, a song composed by Hollywood producer and screenwriter Scott Fivelson.

2021 was a hectic year with 31 singles released as well as a couple of scoring competitions/challenges.

2022 heralded the first official composer credit on three episodes of the Welsh comedy series Long Shots (available on Amazon and temporarily YouTube).


Martin’s 12th album Tarot Music Volume 1 is released: Music inspired by the interpretation, symbolism, and meanings of Tarot cards. Tarot Music Volume 1 features 14 tracks composed throughout 2022 and the beginning of 2023. There are other composing/scoring and music projects planned for the coming year.