I’m Martin George Selwood, a multi-instrumentalist, independent artist, composer, and music producer from the UK. I have recorded and produced three full albums of original music for other bands/artists along with several singles.

I create epic cinematic and atmospheric electronic music. Music that explores emotions, happiness, joy, sadness, loss and music that creates a sense of optimism and hope. My compositions blend orchestral music with purely electronic sounds creating a hybrid of the two. I write dynamic and evolving music to take you on a sonic journey of discovery.

Influenced by many different styles of music, I’m inspired by Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Tangerine Dream. Other influences include soundtrack music, ’70s disco, ’80s pop, Latin, jazz, industrial, and heavy rock.

I have written and recorded almost nine hundred original pieces of music and songs. Released 11 of my own albums to date and over 40 singles which are available to purchase or stream worldwide. My music has been played in more than 70 countries and I have had more than 115,000 streams in the USA alone.

“I strive to create music that connects on an emotional and spiritual level. Music that makes you feel, that inspires your mind, that takes you on a journey”

Martin George Selwood keyboard player live music

Keyboards and synthesizers are my main instrument and I also play bass, guitar, drums, and hand percussion.

In the early 90’s I played at three BBC Radio One Roadshows supporting Kim Wilde, OMD, East 17, Ace of Bass, Bjorn Again, and Rick Astley. I have played in many different cover and original bands over the years too. Peter Andre joined us and sang on stage with my last band.

How my music journey started

I started learning to play on our families Yamaha organ at age 8 and whilst initially enthusiastic, I found the music books we had uninspiring and my interest dwindled after around a year. When I was 12 that situation changed after hearing ‘Chariots of Fire’ by Vangelis. I was so impressed, that I became obsessed and played every day.

After discovering Oxygene, and Equinoxe by Jean-Michel Jarre , that was it. After hearing the music; the sounds, textures, atmosphere – it was a revelation. I’d never heard anything like it! It was the sound of the future and another universe all in one.

From the start, I never had much interest in learning other people’s music. It was all about wanting to create my own.

How I got started in music production

In 2004 I expanded my own personal studio and set it up to cater for bands. As well as recording music for several covers bands and a choral group, I recorded and produced an album called ‘Beyond All Reason’ for UK heavy Metal band Voodoo Moon in 2005/2006.

In 2010 I co-produced the album ‘Keep Your Pride’ for Class Actions. A political rap collective from Salford. As well as production, I played bass, guitar, some keyboards, and came up with some creative samples and effects for use on some of the tracks.

2014 Class Actions asked me to work on their second album ‘Hooligan Sound’. Again, I took over to co-produce, mixed, master, played and even added some vocals on the album in places.

No Rancho Fundo single cover produced by Martin George Selwood

At the end of 2019, I recorded and produced an original arrangement of ‘No Rancho Fundo’ for Luis Martelo. Originally written by Ary Barroso and Lamartine Babo, the song released in February 2020.

Uber Time single cover arranged and produced by Martin George Selwood written by Scott Fivelson

In 2020, I was invited to produce and arrange ‘Uber Time’. A track composed by Hollywood producer, and screenwriter Scott Fivelson.

The track features Luis Martelo, and Joao Sousa on trumpet, Chris Foyle on saxophone, and myself providing the drums, piano, organ and bass parts.


‘A little Encouragement’ (feat. Amy Andrews) was released on the 21st December 2020. Amy made a fabulous contribution to the track. Please check out her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram and Facebook etc.

Long Shots comedy series

I had the pleasure of composing the music for three episodes of Long Shots – a comedy series about four mishap-prone friends trying desperately to gain a career in film & TV. Starring – Matthew Doman, Amy Rowlands, Katie Pyne, and Lucas Eisele.

Search #longshotswales for the series on Amazon Prime or, view (temporarily) on YouTube.


Martin George Selwood British composer and music producer

I’m a prolific writer and am currently working on lots of different music and my key project for this year is music based around tarot cards, their meanings, symbolism, and interpretations. In addition, I have composed music for three episodes of comedy series Long Shots that is available on Amazon (and temporarily on YouTube).