The fifth release in my series of music based on tarot cards, their symbolism, interpretation, and hidden meanings. The Fool single is released on the 24th June 2022 available on all streaming platforms and digital stores.

The Fool – the latest in my series of tarot music based around tarot cards. The Fool is the first or ‘Zero’ card in the Tarot deck and represents new beginnings, the start of a new journey and embracing change.

The traditional card shows our main character on the edge of a cliff, head tilted upwards and not looking at the perils ahead. In the background, the mountains represent challenges to come – illustrated here with the hill profile from a recent bike ride. Traditionally the fool is carrying a alight bag indicative of very little baggage and replaced here with a 5-string bass guitar to represent new foundations (and fives represent change). The white rose symbolises divine love and purity. The cat (my beloved old rescue cat – Xena) represents both companionship and mastery of self. Typically, this is a white dog on the traditional Rider Waite Tarot card.

The Fool is released on 24th June 2022 on all digital sores and streaming services.

The Fool single cover artwork by Martin George Selwood
The Fool single cover artwork by Martin George Selwood

Track Credits:

Music: Martin George Selwood © 2022
Mastered: Martin George Selwood (2022)
Video: Martin George Selwood
Cover art by Martin George Selwood
All Rights Reserved © Martin George Selwood 2022.


Instruments: Fairlight Series III, Spitfire Audio Abbey Road One, NI Symphony Essentials, Sample Hero Vintage Bell Tree, 8Dio Epic Taiko Ensemble, 8Dio Epic Frame Drum Ensemble, Keepforrest Devastator Warzone Free, NI VSL Library, 8Dio Vibraphone, UVI U1250, Heavyocity Foundations Piano, Sonokinetic Carousel Organ, NI Cuba, 8Dio Artisan Brass, Cinesamples Taylor Davis Violin, Fluffy Audio Trio Broz Viola, Fluffy Audio Simple Flute, Piano Book Northern Film Orchestra, NI Session Strings Pro 2, NI String Ensemble Essentials, 8Dio Ostinato Strings, Spitfire Albion Solstice, Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings, 8Dio Lyre

Vocals: Martin George Selwood

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