This is my composition entry for the Spitfire Audio / Bridgerton Scoring Competition August 2022.

Spitfire Audio teamed up with EMMY-winning composer, Kris Bowers (King Richard, Green Book, the Madden NFL games), Bridgerton production company Shondaland and Netflix for their annual Scoring Competition.

This is for a competition and was not commissioned, or endorsed by either Shondaland, Netflix, or Spitfire Audio.

Instruments/libraries used:

Spitfire Chamber Strings, Spitfire Albion Solstice, Spitfire BBCSO Discover, Spitfire Albion Iceni, Keepforest Devastator Warzone Free, VSL Harp, VSL Harpsichord, Sonokinetic Carousel, NI Cuba Bass, NI Symphony Essentials, 8Dio Artisan Brass, 8Dio Adagietto, Sonokinetic Modal Runs, Spitfire Abbey Road One, Spitfire Alternative Solo Strings, Spitfire British Drama Toolkit, Spitfire Kepler, 8Dio Cage,

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