I’m delighted to announce the upcoming release of Tarot Music Volume 1. An album of music inspired by the meanings and symbolism used in Tarot cards.

After a massive amount of work over the last year, here it is: Tarot Music Volume 1. A collection of 14 tracks with my musical interpretation of some of the Major and Minor Arcana cards. The music is a blend of dynamic and atmospheric orchestral music blended with vintage and modern synthesizers and Fairlight IIx and Series III samplers, operatic vocals and a range of exotic ethnic percussion.

I’m someone who always liked concept albums and the idea of a story or running theme on an album. When looking into options for creating music based on a unified theme, I stumbled across Tarot cards – something I’d heard of but didn’t know anything about.

I became quite fascinated after looking into the history and some of the Tarot card meanings, and concepts behind the symbols, the artwork, the way the colours and details are used to represent emotions and the repeating elements used in different cards.

The 14 track album is due on the 13th March 2023 and will be available on all streaming platforms and digital stores.

Tarot Music Volume 1 by Martin George Selwood

In 2022 I released five singles based on Tarot cards. These tracks also feature on the album.

Tarot Music Volume 1 – Track List

1. The Fool
2. The Magician
3. The Devil
4. The Tower and Strength [album version]
5. Nine of Swords
6. Five of Pentacles and the Hermit
7. Seven of Wands
8. The Moon
9. Wheel of Fortune
10. Queen of Cups
11. Two and Three of Wands
12. Eight of Swords
13. Judgement
14. Six of Cups

Album Credits:

Music: Martin George Selwood © 2022-2023
Mastered: Martin George Selwood (2022-2023)
Cover art by Martin George Selwood
All Rights Reserved © Martin George Selwood 2022-2023.

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