I’m delighted to announce my first official credit as a composer!

Long Shots

Released today 22nd January 2022, the second episode of Long Shots is out.

Long Shots is a comedy series about four mishap-prone friends trying desperately to gain a career in film & TV. In this episode, Max comes up with an interesting plan to win his ex back!

If you are a fan of awkward, situation comedy, this is for you. Episode 2 is now on YouTube below. You’ll need to be signed in as it is an age-restricted video.

Search #longshotswales for the series on Amazon Prime or, view (temporarily) on YouTube. Long Shots – Filmed on location in South Wales

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Directed by Rhys Jones, with a cracking cast of Lucas Eisele, Matthew Doman, Gavin Rand, & Justine Jones.

Long Shots YouTube channel