It’s been another busy month and there are three new singles scheduled for release in May 2021.

Love With No Place To Go

Love with no Place to Go released on 7th May. It explores the feeling of loss we all experience at times in life and how powerful those emotions can be.

There is a Beautiful Light in You

There is a Beautiful Light in You released on 20th May. YouTuber and musician Andrew Huang released his Spacetime trailer video on twitter for people to practice writing music for opening credits. This is an extended version of the piece I originally came up with. It conveys a sense of exploration, determination, hope, and triumph that encompasses the human spirit at it’s best.

The Last Dance

The Last Dance released on 27th May. Something a little different from me – an orchestral waltz inspired by the dance we all have with life.

I’ll post links and blog posts about each individual release as they come out.