YouTuber and musician Andrew Huang released his ‘Space Time‘ trailer video on Twitter for people to practice writing music for opening credits. There is a Beautiful Light in You is an extended version of the piece I originally created. It conveys a sense of exploration, determination, hope, and triumph that encompasses the human spirit at its best.

There is a Beautiful Light in You released on 20th May 2021.

Space Time Trailer

Instruments: Fairlight Series III, Korg Arp 2600FS, Yamaha SS30, Heavyocity Damage, NI Abbey Road 70s Drums, NI Symphony Essentials, Ghosthack Cine-trailer FX, Arturia CMI V, Arturia CS80V, Morg M1le, Arturia Synclavier V, UHE Zebralette, Waldorf Largo, NI Prism, Spitfire Audio Labs, Arturia 73V, Spitfire Albion Tundra, Cinesamples Taylor Davis Violin, Cinesamples Tina Guo Cello, Fluffy Audio Trio Broz Viola, Spitfire Audio Epic Strings.

Released May 21st, 2021
Music written by Martin George Selwood
Mastered: Martin George Selwood (2021)
Cover photo by merlinlightpainting – pixabay –
All Rights Reserved © Martin George Selwood 2021

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