Music inspired by the artwork, symbols, and meanings of Tarot cards. Tarot Music Volume 1 is an epic cinematic orchestral and electronic album influenced by artists such as Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, John Williams, and Tangerine Dream.

The album composed in 2022 and finished early in 2023 features 14 tracks.

tarot music volume 1 album cover art

Each of the seventy-eight Tarot cards has different meanings. They encompass the different emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual experiences we all have. It can be seen as a metaphysical representation of our own life journey. Often misrepresented as a symbol of the occult, the cards date back to the 15th century as a card game played by the wealthy, the aristocracy, and well-to-do. I became fascinated by the artwork, the symbols, and how the details appear in multiple cards in different forms, and the way they all interlink together.

Tarot Music Album Tracks:

Details on the interpretations, meanings and symbolism of the tracks on Tarot Music Volume 1:

The Fool

The Fool tarot music cover art by Martin George Selwood

Track 1. The Fool is the number 0 or zero card. It marks new beginnings and the start of a journey. Though not without challenges and perils at hand, it is seen as the beginning of a new cycle in life. A hugely uplifting and upbeat track full of joy, optimism, and hope.

The Magician

Track 2. The Magician is the number 1 card in the Tarot. It represents the skills and capabilities of being able to manifest or bring about what you need to succeed. It is about tapping into your potential and transforming situations. Each of the four main suits of the tarot represented: Wands, Swords, Pentacles, and Cups.

The Devil

The Devil music artwork

Track 3. The Devil is the number 15 card in the Tarot. Probably one of the most misrepresented cards in the deck (along with the Death card). Seen as representing evil, it is more accurately represented as temptation, about being seduced by physical pleasures. It also depicts living in fear, feeling caged, and needing to use discretion in matters of one’s life.

The Tower and Strength (album mix)

The Tower and Strength - Martin George Selwood Tarot Music single cover artwork

Track 4. The Tower and Strength is a combination of two separate cards – The Tower (card number 16) and Strength (card number 8). The tower represents danger, destruction, unexpected change, or things falling apart. The general perception is that it is a negative card but it can also mean liberation and release from burdens. Strength is all about inner strength, courage, bravery, and overcoming self-doubt. It is the perfect card to see after the Tower. After the chaos and destruction the Tower card brings, Strength is the uplifting and hopeful sense of determination needed in order to move forward.

Nine of Swords

Track 5. Nine of Swords is one of the minor suit Arcana cards in the Tarot Deck. The card represents fear, isolation, guilt, feeling trapped, burdened, and unable to overcome whatever events are unfolding. Often brought about by thoughts or feelings from inner turmoil. An emotive and highly introspective piece that creates a sense of melancholy and sadness out of the overwhelming meaning the card represents.

Five of Pentacles and The Hermit

Track 6. Five of Pentacles and The Hermit is another combination of two separate cards – Five of Pentacles and The Hermit (card number 9). The Five of Pentacle’s meaning is one of feeling left out in the cold, feeling excluded and destitute financially, spiritually, or emotionally. The standard Tarot card shows a Church in the background symbolizing hope, faith, and spiritual support but a failure to see help is available. The Hermit card is all about introspection, isolation, and solitude while looking for the answers within oneself. Relying on inner knowledge, and life lessons. Using intuition to find a path forward with a sense of hope and peace.

Seven of Wands

Track 7. Seven of Wands is a card about standing your ground, staying true to yourself, and being prepared to fight for your beliefs and position. It is about bravery, courage, believing in yourself, and facing what could be an overwhelming obstacle, challenge or adversary.

The Moon

Track 8. The Moon is card number 18. The Moon card is all about what is hidden from view, illusions, and deception. It can also include misunderstandings, and or truths that have yet to be revealed either to yourself or from those around you through fear, insecurity, or mental confusion.

Wheel of Fortune

stone wheel with sphinx and a sword above, angel with a book, snake, bull with a book, eagle with a book, lion with a book and Egyptian god Anubis. Stone wheel has symbols for air earth, fire and water

Track 9. Wheel of Fortune is card number 10.

The Wheel of Fortune represents a change in luck, good fortune or circumstances. The deeper meaning of the wheel of fortune is that everything is constantly moving and bad fortune will eventually change. In the artwork each of the four elements of fire, air, earth, and water are represented as well as the snake to embody bad luck or evil. Anubis the Egyptian god to depict good fortune.

Queen of Cups:

Track 10. Queen of Cups card represents a deeply compassionate, calm and emotionally secure, and stable person. Cups relate to emotions and the Queen of Cups is the embodiment of someone connected and deeply in tune with their emotions. A hauntingly beautiful track with warmth, grace, and a sense of love and endearment the card symbolizes.

Two of Wands:

Track 11. Two of Wands is all about planning for the future, making progress, expanding horizons, and contemplating significant opportunities that lie ahead. It is not a card of action but of well of thought out plans to seize opportunities and make the most of reaching someone’s potential. Thinking ahead and coming up with strategies to overcome challenges and obstacles that may arise.

Eight of Swords:

Track 12. Eight of Swords is the classic card of self-imprisonment, feeling like a victim, and negative thoughts and beliefs. The traditional card shows a woman bound by ropes and a blindfold, she is surrounded by swords representing a prison. However, the rope and blindfold are loose and the swords can easily be navigated around if only she took off the blindfold.

The red flowers on the woman’s dress represent the woman’s passion and zeal however the surrounding black environment suggests that her emotions are consuming her calling for balance. There are pools of water at the feet of the woman. Water symbolizes the connection to the subconscious. While her body may feel trapped, the woman has the power of her mind and she can use it to set herself free if she chooses.

In the background, the castle indicates protection and is the opposite of swords forming a prison surrounding the woman.


Track 13. Judgement card number 20. The card is symbolic of resurrection and renewal or making decisions. Someone you know or you are being judged harshly or unfairly by others. It can also relate to looking at yourself, the choices you have made, and increased self-awareness. This in turn can bring about healing, dropping old burdens, and bad habits to bring about a transformation. It is also about forgiveness and compassion for yourself.

Six of Cups:

Track 14. Six of Cups is the card of reflection, a time of innocence and happier past memories. It embodies looking at and revisiting a time in the past with affection, love, happy memories, comfort, safety, and security. There is a strong sense of nostalgia associated with the card. It is about making the most of past experiences and repackaging them for far more than they are worth.

Album Credits:

Music: Martin George Selwood © 2022-2023
Mastered: Martin George Selwood (2022-2023)
Cover art by Martin George Selwood
All Rights Reserved © Martin George Selwood 2022-2023.

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