My latest release “Destination” is out tomorrow on 12th March. Pure ambient electronic chill-out music. Perfect for relaxation, or meditation. Close your eyes, clear your mind and drift off into the universe of your imagination.

Life is all about the journey, not the destination. How many of us are focused on plans and striving to reach goals? Sometimes it is very easy to miss everything going on in our lives right now and disregard the beauty and joy in everyday life. Whether you believe in destiny or not, life has a way of taking us in a different or unexpected direction in the blink of an eye. This is all out of our control.

It is how we respond to those situations that impact our lives the most. We can choose to be bitter and resentful or we can choose to embrace the situation, make the best of things and be grateful for the people and things we have.

Instruments used: Fairlight CMI IIx, Korg DS-8, Yamaha SS-30, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland VP770, NI Monark, NI Polyplex, NI Abbey Road 70s Drums, NI Battery, UHE Zebralette, UHE TyrellN6, Arturia Modular V, Arturia CMI V.
Vocals: Martin George Selwood

Music written by Martin George Selwood
Mastered: Martin George Selwood (2021)

Cover Art: photo by Devanath from

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