Album ‘Beyond Darkness’ released on 18.09.2020

An album of dark-edged, atmospheric instrumental music. Inspired by dance, trance, techno, and ambient music but with my own sonic interpretation.

Beyond Darkness YouTube Playlist

1.Genesis 04:02
2.Mars 04:30
3.Apollyon 05:33
4.Believer 04:07
5.Crystal Skyline 03:44
6.Attack 04:37
7.Data Stream 04:08
8.Love is Too Cold 03:48
9.Beyond Darkness 03:58
10.Twilight People 04:19
11.Witchcraft 04:54
12.Resurrection 03:37

Originally recorded to DAT tape between March to June 1994. This has recently been edited and remastered for release.

My personal highlights on the 12 track album include Genesis, Mars, Witchcraft, and Resurrection.

Available on Bandcamp to listen or purchase. Available soon on all streaming platforms.

Beyond Darkness by Martin George Selwood – album cover

Instruments used:

Roland D-50, Korg SG1D, Emu Proteus 2, Sequential Prophet 2000, Roland TR505, Korg DS-8, Akai XE8


Music written, recorded, and produced by Martin George Selwood ©1994
Mastered: Martin George Selwood All Rights Reserved © Martin George Selwood 2020