My Heart Was Broken features a blend of melodic instrumental electronic and ambient music. It is my first official album release. Originally composed in 1996, this has recently been edited and remastered for release in 2020.

My personal highlights on the 12-track album include Precious One, Turbulent, and the title track My Heart Was Broken.

1. Precious One 04:11
2. Still in the Dark 05:15
3. Forces 04:30
4. My Heart Was Broken 06:04
5. I’ll Be Waiting 04:17
6. Something Happens 05:42
7. Celebrations 03:44
8. So Cold 04:20
9. Jeopardy 04:34
10. As You Wish 04:14
11. Turbulent 05:35
12. Tale of Woe 04:38

Available on Bandcamp and all digital platforms worldwide to listen to or purchase.

Album My Heart Was Broken released on 01.09.2020

My Heart Was Broken album cover by Martin George Selwood

My Heart was Broken – album tracks overview:

Precious One
Upbeat synth-funk that evokes feelings of happiness, contentment and a sense of joy.

Still In The Dark
Ambient electronica, dub bass and chill-out music all rolled into one. It starts off with a slightly melancholic edge and develops a sense of hopefulness and a way out of the dark by discovering the light.

Am ambient electronic dance track inspired by the forces of nature – how it can be calming one minute and relentlessly punishing the next.

My Heart Was Broken
The title track, My Heart was Broken starts off with dark throbbing bass and aggressive percussion with the death knell bell tolling. Slowly as the track builds it morphs into a hopeful, warm and uplifting piece indicative of the struggle of overcoming heartbreak, tragedy and loss.

I’ll Be Waiting
An uplifting piece that starts with an ambient intro and turns into an uplifting almost epic synth-pop track.

Something Happens
The upbeat and funky beat combined with ambient music and optimistic and triumphant melodies in this piece is indicative of positive change. Something Happens – indeed, something good for the heart and soul – particularly once the orchestral crescendo hits towards the end of the track.

A curious melting pot of bass/synth sequencer-driven music, dance music, and ambient music all rolled into a track that doesn’t really fit into any specific genre.

So Cold
A pop-rock style track with distorted guitar style synths, relentlessly driving bass guitar providing a cold and emotionless verse section only to be lifted up and embraced with joy in the soaring synth-pop chorus sections.

An upbeat and uplifting track. This track is written about the nature in how fragile circumstances or situations can be exposed to possible injury, loss, or danger. Throughout the upbeat moments and lighter sections in the track, there is still an edge of peril.

As You Wish
An uptempo dance / electronic synth-wave style track.

One of my favourite ambient pieces. The marimba synth echos and drifts across the piece. Gradually morphing into a bell-like cacophony before falling back into waves an undulating and ever-changing atmosphere underpinning the track. Representative of the repeating cycles and ever-evolving changes in the flow of life.

Tale of Woe
The final track on the album is an atmospheric blend of ambient textures and rock music. Almost as if there is a lesson to be learnt in trying to navigate different worlds as the album comes to a close.

Instruments used:

Roland D-50, Korg SG1D, Emu Proteus 2, Sequential Prophet 2000, Moog Prodigy, Arp Axxe, Oberheim OB8, EMS Polysynthi, Korg DW8000, PPS Dual Drum (Analogue Drum Module), Roland TR505, Korg DS-8, Akai XE8


Released September 1, 2020

Music written, recorded, and produced by Martin George Selwood © All rights reserved (1996).
All keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines: Martin George Selwood
Mixed: Martin George Selwood
Mastered: Martin George Selwood (2021)

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