For Halloween this year, I have rescored and uploaded three short fictitious trailers created by The Cue Tube.

Sleep When You’re Dead Trailer Rescore by Martin George Selwood

Sleep When You’re Dead trailer provided by The Cue Tube and Dominic Francis – a fantastic resource for composers to practice scoring scenes, short films, and trailers.

Zombies, dark woods, a creepy visitor while someone sleeps, and a scream in the night. Perfect for some heavily distorted drums, synths, gothic soprano choirs, and a screechingly unsettling violin!

Keepforest Ferrum Free, NI Analog Dreams, Hideaway Studios Synergenesys, Dark Ascents Violins, 8Dio Hybrid Tools 1, 8Dio Hybrid Tools 2, 8Dio Misfit Fiddle, 8Dio Adagietto, Spitfire Audio Iceni, Project SAM Free Orchestra 2, 8Dio Studio Sopranos, Wavesfactory Whispers

Music: Martin George Selwood © 2022

Horror trailer rescore by Martin George Selwood

Horror Trailer provided by The Cue Tube.

Flickering lights, dark corridors, a slow creepy gothic mistress of the night, creepy dolls, a zombie, and a menacing masked aggressor in the streets at night. Composed to create unease, with added screams, distorted vocals, drums, and a wholely unsettling amount of tension culminating in a terrifyingly dark, ending.

Ghosthack Cinematic Trailer SFX, Ghosthack Shymer, Submority AERA Trailer FX, Ristretto Dystopian Cinematic Cymbals, Arturia CS80V, Cherry Audio Elka-X, Soundpaint Braahms, NI Skanner XT, TAL U-no-6, NI Etherial Earth, Synergenesis, NI Thrill, Heavyocity Evolve, 8Dio Hybrid Tools 1, 8Dio Hybrid Tools 3, Spooky Viola Harmonics, NI Symphony Essentials, 8Dio Adagietto, Spitfire Albion Iceni, Spitfire Albion Solstice, 8Dio Cage, 8Dio Liberis, Wavesfactory Whispers

Music: Martin George Selwood © 2022

Hunting My Nightmares rescore trailer by Martin George Selwood

Hunting My Nightmares trailer provided by The Cue Tube

A dark trailer where our heroine is followed in the underground at night by a stalker. Will she escape, does she get away? I created a more electronic-based score for this. Using lots of electronic percussive sounds, slammed piano bass, emotive synthesizer sounds, and a hypnotically distant piano melody.

Music: Martin George Selwood © 2022