Shadow Work releases on 29th October. Just in time for Halloween – this one is pretty dark! Featuring some aleatoric elements. The idea of us having a shadow side or shadow self was popularized psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung. We all have a shadow side or shadow self and that we need to embrace this aspect of ourselves to really know who we are.

Instruments: 8dio Windchimes, 8Dio Epic Taiko Ensemble, NI Damage, 8Dio Epic Frame Drum Ensemble, 8Dio Epic Tom Ensemble, 8Dio Epic Dhol, Keepforest Ferrum Trailer Percussion, Heavyocity Evolve Mutations, NI Symphony Essentials Percussion, Arturia CMIV, Arturia Synclavier V, Arturia Solina V, UVI Energy, NI Prism, NI Skanner XT, Cherry Audio DCO-106, U-HE Bazille CM, Heavyocity Evolve, NI Gentleman, 8Dio Orchestral Shepperds, 8Dio CAGE Brass, 8Dio CAGE Strings, 8DIO Woodwinds, Spitfire Audio Abbey Road One, Spitfire Audio British Drama Toolkit, Spitfire Audio Albion Icini, Spitfire Audio Alternative Solo Strings, NI Session Strings Pro 2, 8Dio Liberis

Music: Martin George Selwood © 2021
Mastered: Martin George Selwood (2021)
Video: Martin George Selwood (all video footage by Martin George Selwood, and
Cover photo by Martin George Selwood
All Rights Reserved © Martin George Selwood 2021.

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