‘Fear The Night ‘ is an album inspired by Horror film music from the likes of John Carpenter, Alan Howarth, and Brad Fiedel amongst others.

The album comprises of 12 dark tracks that fuse elements and atmospheric soundtrack music with hints of techno, trance, dance music, and a blend of ambient electronica and experimental electronic soundscapes.

Fear The Night – Album Track Listing

1. The Dark 04:27
2. Deliverance 04:33
3. Fear The Night 04:37

4. Dark House 05:37
5. Spectral Phenomena 04:32
6. Creeper 04:32
7. Murky Depths 05:26
8. Season of The Witch 04:42
9. The Evil Within 04:52
10. Dream Warriors 04:23
11. Blackened 04:40
12. Above Top Secret 04:51

Originally recorded to DAT tape in 1995/1996 except for the ‘The Dark’ recorded in 2010.

Fear The Night – album track overview:

Fear The Night:


  • Pulsing synths and driving, relentless dark toms propel this track inspired by John Carpenter horror movies such as Halloween, Christine, The Fog, and Escape from New York. A highly atmospheric track with eerie choirs, sparse bells, and a gradual build to the end.


  • A laid-back track that slowly builds with a tense synth that echoes, a TR808 beat, and a vocal texture that gently rises with a sense of trying to escape. Another John Carpenter-inspired track but this time slightly inspired by They Live.

The Dark

  • a dark, twisted track written specifically for Halloween. Mass gothic choirs and a grungy brooding synth bass underpin this track with an eerie vocal. Can you guess what the end creepy vocal part says?

Spectral Phenomenon

  • a disjointed rhythm underpins this with a jarring and jagged synth and eerie and ethereal vocal and wispy synth textures. Somewhat influenced by Mike Oldfield with the piano motif running through certain sections.

Dark House

  • Unsettling and claustrophobic with a dark and repeating melody like a children’s nursery rhyme sung by a class of zombies hiding in the shadows. Full of tension, the track along with the subsonic bass leaves evokes exploring an abandoned building that you just know is going to end in disaster.

Murky Depths

  • an ambient piece that slowly builds gently builds and explores hidden depths and shines light into the dark and murky world of our psyche. One of my favorites on the album.

Fear The Night

  • The title track of the album is a dark piano, and synth-driven track. Hidden beneath the seemingly upbeat and pulsing beat hides a dark and twisted tension behind the surface. Its like a delicious premonition of bad things to come in a delightfully green picket fence town.

Dream Warriors
Like an acid trip gone wrong! A warped and twisted piece with an almost relentless and almost claustrophobic undercurrent. The middle of the track lifts up into a hopeful and upbeat theme…..but this descends back into the spiky acid trip and eerie choir.

Season of the Witch

  • A dark and twisted foray into borderline alternative EDM/industrial music. Screaming synths and an eerie piano motif drive this one mixed with an atmospheric ambient bed underneath the offbeat percussion and rhythm.

Above Top Secret

  • You know something is very wrong when the orchestra is this dark! It starts with atmospheric orchestral drones and soon morphs into a dark EDM-style track. More night of terror than summer of love.


  • A curious blend of driven tribal rhythms, acid synths, and ambient music. The track shifts multiple times with different sections and almost goes into borderline synth-funk at points.

The Evil Within

  • Originally written on guitar, this one sits somewhere between rock and darkwave synth music.

Instruments Used on Fear The Night:

Roland D-50, Korg SG1D, Emu Proteus 2, Sequential Prophet 2000, Moog Prodigy, Arp Axxe, Oberheim OB8, Korg DW8000, PPS Dual Drum (Analogue Drum Module), Roland TR505, Roland Juno 6, Korg DS-8, Akai XE8, Technics WSA1, Fairlight Series III, BFD, Kore, Akai S5000, Camel Audio Cameleon 5000, Hahaha CS33, Yamaha SS-30, EMS Polysynthi.


Music written by Martin George Selwood (1995-2010).

All keyboards, synthesizers, vocals, and drum machines: Martin George Selwood
Mixed: Martin George Selwood
Mastered: Martin George Selwood (2020)
Album cover from Gallila-Photo https://pixabay.com/images/id-2090588/