Death – the first new music release for 2024 in my continuing series of music based on tarot cards, their symbolism, interpretation, and hidden meanings. Death single is released on the 3rd May 2024 available on all streaming platforms and digital stores.

The Death tarot card is one of the most widely known and irrationally feared cards.

It represents rebirth, transformation and the ending of cycles – this can be good or bad. It certainly doesn’t mean someone will die; that’s just a bad horror movie trope. For example, if someone has been experiencing a run of bad luck, that could be ending. Alternatively, someone with financial difficulties or an illness, the death card could signify the ending of that set of circumstances. Not all endings are smooth and pain free. Sometimes they are traumatic, difficult and devastating. Endings bring about new beginnings certainly within the Tarot.

This piece musically is dark and foreboding yet has a sense of impending change leaving the listener in no doubt an inescapable change is coming. An almost euphoric lift towards the end still manages to leave a sense of transformation and destruction behind in the final moments.

The traditional tarot artwork shows Death on the back of a white horse. A King lies dead on the ground beneath him showing that death is the great leveler and that it comes to all. A priest in front of death is shown trusting his faith, the small child is somewhat oblivious and curious and the young girl is fearful and not wanting to face what is ahead. In the background behind the two towers, the sun is rising which harks back to the moon card indicating what is hidden is coming to light.

Death single cover artwork by Martin George Selwood

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